The Undergarment for Circumcised Men

      Viewing ManHoodŽ does not allow you to feel how silky soft our Manhoods® are, nor do they allow you to see ManHoodŽ in action. We assure you, ManHoodsŽ are softer and smoother than they appear. Our Guarantee will allow you to view your ManHoodŽ in your hand. Go to our FAQ page for details and visit our customer comment page for testimonials.

     Again, your ManHoodŽ is so comfortable it's completely forgotten when worn and will stay with you all day.


ManHoodŽ for Circumcised Men

     Each ManHoodŽ is carefully hand-made without inside seams to ensure it stays smoothly against your glans. Each ManHoodŽ has two layers of silky soft material that rub together absorbing friction that would normally irritate your glans. Place your index finger inside the ManHoodŽ and your thumb on the outside, then rub together and you will feel how ManHoodŽ works. Everyday activities irritate your glans because there is a great deal of movement in your groin. ManhoodŽ will solve this problem for men. ManHoodŽ works!"
     For those concerned about ManHoodŽ slipping off, athletic supports, briefs and some styles of boxer shorts assist the velcro strip to keep your ManHoodŽ in place. In actuality, totally nude it takes a great deal of movement to dislodge a properly fastened ManHoodŽ.
     Place ManHoodŽ over head of penis and fasten securely. Using ManHoodŽ will enhance and prolong the life of your sensitive penile glans, by protecting it from friction caused by rubbing against clothing or athletic supports, etc.

     Please take measurement for size around the penile shaft by the pubic hair.

Manhood   Manhood

Manhood   Manhood


ManHoodŽ for Men who are Restoring a Foreskin or Loosely Circumcised

     For men restoring a foreskin, ManHoodŽ will allow them to play sports, plan sexual activity, or take a break from of the irritations stretching causes. ManHoodŽ will hold their foreskin on top of the penile glans and protect any portion of the glans that comes in contact with their clothing. ManhoodŽ will solve this problem for men. ManHoodŽ works!" In actuality, as the penis retracts and becomes smaller in your pants, the coverage increases.
     The pictures below are of the same circumcised penis as shown above. Using ManHoodŽ as illustrated, you would simply push the existing foreskin on your flaccid glans and fasten ManHoodŽ behind this stretched skin. As you can see, not only do you have your natural protection, but ManHoodŽ will protect any uncovered portions.

Manhood  Manhood

ManHoodŽ for Uncircumcised Men Born with a Short Foreskin

    The pictures above can also be used to illustrate how the foreskin can move from its natural position covering the penile glans. For these men, when the penile glans moves from its protective sheath, (because of blood flow or clothing rubbing the shaft), they will pull at their crotch trying to restore protection to the penis. It is so irritating, it is often done right in public view. That is why it is a "grab" as they attempt to pull their foreskin "down" back on top of the penile glans. This often takes many embarrassing attempts. ManhoodŽ will solve this problem for men. ManHoodŽ works!"


R&C Associates has compiled the following information to help protect your sensitivity.


     When in the shower or bath, turn down the heat as really hot water will dry and damage nerve endings. Be careful with face cloth, loofahs and towels - they can be all quite abrasive. Take the same care when drying. Allow your glans to drip-dry or pat dry with a soft tissue. If you like to hang your towel around your waist, first put on your ManHood® to protect your glans from rubbing against the towel.


     The cold causes our skin to dry and chaff. If you live in a colder climate as we do, it is important to provide your naked glans with extra warmth. ManHood® helps insulate your glans' natural heat.


     We place particular importance on protection from ultraviolet rays as they damage nerve endings. Shorts and bathing suites can be quite porous and do not always provide adequate protection. Sunscreen will protect skin from sunburn but will not protect the skin from thickening. Wearing ManHood® will help provide further protection.


     After sexual activity, your glans is extremely sensitive. This is an important time to protect against friction from clothing. Your glans will naturally develop a tougher surface to protect it from being irritated. As soon as ManHood® will fit, get it on! It will provide you with welcomed comfort and protection.


     Frequency, duration and grip all play a part in determining the extent of desensitization. Modifying technique will help decrease sensitivity loss. Hands are usually quite rough, so avoid any tight grip or, better yet, keep your hands off the glans by using your existing foreskin. If you do not have enough foreskin, keep in mind that there are many documented cases where men have stretched their foreskin to a desired length


     ManHood® will restore your natural protection by holding your existing foreskin over the glans and also protect any exposed portions. This works by first pulling your existing foreskin over a flaccid glans and fastening ManHood® behind the stretched skin.

     The penis provides you with a great amount of pleasure, with the foreskin removed, proper care must be taken to ensure sensitivity lasts well into the twilight years. ManHood® was developed to help those who care about how they feel. ManHood® is about protecting the penis. The sooner one starts the better.

     Give ManHood® an honest trial and commit yourself to using it. If the suggested uses for ManHood® are followed, you will find as we, and others have, that MANHOOD® WORKS!


Facts and Myths About Circumcision

To inhibit masturbation as it was believed to cause mental illness, blindness, etc.

Today, masturbation is viewed as a healthy part of sexuality. In fact, it's the only sexual activity that is 'safe'.

During the war years, men spent days and weeks in the trenches, making proper cleanliness difficult which led to a higher rate of infection in non-circumcised men.

Today, wars are not fought or won in the trenches and cleanliness is not a problem.

Uncircumcised penises were believed to be unclean or dirty and were responsible for a higher rate of infection.

Cleanliness and proper hygiene should be routine - not circumcision. Actually, it is rarely documented that the rate of infection in circumcised infants is much higher during the diaper stages when the healing glans is exposed to feces and urine.

Circumcision is normal. Father is circumcised so the son must be circumcised.

Circumcision has become a cycle in our culture. One that needs to be broken. Removal of a functioning part of a child's body violates human rights, goes against medical ethics and ultimately damages men.

Religious beliefs and rituals.

These rituals are medieval and, if performed, should be discontinued.


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